When I was a child –
the window in my grand-parents’ bedroom
held two secrets –
only to be revealed after nightfall.

The first of which, was the moon.
My grand-father would lift me up
and point to her.
I was always in awe of her glowing grace.
He’d tell me about her constancy,
and how we’d always be able to look up,
& count on the blessings in her ebb + flow.

The second: a pair of owls,
who would visit nightly,
and sit perched above the horse stables.
As the crickets chirped,
through the silence of the night –
they sat in stillness –
basking under the moonlight.
They too, reliant on her glow.


To say that I grew up at one with the earth –
is an understatement.
It’s where I found solace in transmuting.
It’s where I’m happiest.

In my moments of connectivity
with the moon + nature –
there was always something deeper within me
that stirred, & felt rooted.
Only now, do I know this as
intuition, assurance, + peace.


Along with nature —
my deepest principles also involve
the hearts, voices, minds, + hands
of mi sangre y mis cuates.
And, for this – I’m eternally grateful,
for the love, and lessons I’ve learned –––
and have yet to learn.